Amorim Martial Arts
Who Are We?

Welcome to the little cyberspace corner of the South African Tang Soo Do Academy, the South African home of the World Tang Soo Do Association, under the guidance of Master Veronica Amorim.
We, here at the South African Tang Soo Do Academy help our students to achieve their personal best and become better people, for themselves and also for those around them. We do this by helping them to set goals for themselves and driving them to reach these goals. Our classes are meant to be fun and exciting, as well as serious and safe. We teach our students to respect one another, with learning aids such as teamwork and fitness.

Our motto is:
"With Heart We Stand"
This has been translated into Korean as:
(Jin Shim Ro) - "All Heart","Cordially","Sincerely"

We use this motto to remind us every day that we stand together; using "Heart", our character, we help each other to achieve our fullest potential.
All our classes are taught by WTSDA-certified instructors, who are required to complete a competence program with the World Tang Soo Do Association.